Exercise On A Keto Diet

Incorporating exercise into your life on a Keto Diet Exercise has health benefits for men and women on a ketogenic diet. Cardio or aerobic exercise is fat-burning, making it very friendly for the keto dieter. It takes two to three weeks for your body to adapt to a low-carb diet. The keto diet changes how [...]

The Essential Ketogenic Shopping Bag

The Essential Ketogenic Shopping Bag - What to buy? The ketogenic diet is a way of eating that promotes a state of “ketosis” in your body. If your body does not have enough glucose for energy it burns stored fat. This builds up acids called ketones in your body. You can encourage ketosis by following [...]

Top Keto Diet Cooking Ingredients

Top Keto Diet Cooking Ingredients and Supplements When on a Ketogenic diet, the first thing you must do when buying anything is to check the nutritional facts on the back of the product. Avoid anything that is high in carbs, do not believe labels like ‘sugar free’ as there are many different types of sugars […]

Top 5 Products To Aid You In Your Keto Journey

Essential Products To Support Your Keto Lifestyle Change There’s no beating around the bush here, the Keto diet in India can initially be a challenge if only because it requires you to move away from the typical Indian household meal of dal-roti-sabzi-chawal. Not every Indian kitchen will have the products needed to support your Keto […]